Friday, 30 January 2015


It has been a mad amount of time since I did anything with this blog. Like, I know it's been a while but checking the dates on posts really puts things in perspective. Considering the great little circle of bloggers I interacted with this makes me a kinda sad (where are you guys now?) but I went off blogging around the time hubby and I started to look to the future and now we have a beautiful son who is just the most amazing thing I've done with my life.


The blog is back!

Where am I at?

I have finally finished rewriting and spit-shining Jenna's story to a level that I am 100% ready to go with it. I've sent out a grand total of ten queries in the past (some of which got partial requests) but then I chickened out. Best friend doubt kicked in and I crawled back into my preverbal hole. Now I've made the decision it's time to let go, shove her out the door, and see if I can't find an agent who loves her story as much as I do. (Wish me luck!)

Then I have Corvette's story which I'm probably 90% there with. I'm pretty happy with where she's at but I know I'll turn into ol' Tommy Tinkler and play with the pretty words again and again under someone tears her out of my hands.

Then I have Addy, Ebony and Emerella all with stories waiting to be told. And between looking after my little prince, I finally have time to write them.

At this point I have no idea what this blog is going to turn into. It will still have quite a lot to do with writing, probably some movies, maybe some baby stuff - who knows? I'm currently reviewing books over at Aussie Owned and Read who are doing a cra-zay giveaway right now.

Anyway, I'll work out something semi regular and get back to it.

Watch this space.

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