Thursday, 5 April 2012

Blogspiration (6): Time to keep rolling

So I haven't been thinking about much this week that doesn't concern work or uni. Quite simply, it's been pretty full on; I haven't even had time to procrastinate you guys!

So my blogspiration is a quote that jumped out at me today. I was at uni, chillin' in the dining hall as I waited for my next class. My eyes had long since gone blurry as I stared at the screen scrolling through with advertising. You know, the usual uni-type stuff. Office Works, Co-op Bookshop, and... Carlton Dry?

For those of you who don't know, Carlton Dry is a beer. Now, not only was it crazy that the uni was advertising it along with other study essentials, it also happened to contain this quote:

"Today is the start of the rest of your life.
But so is tomorrow."

Cool huh? Last thing I expected, but still cool. And that's when I realised that yes, I'm crazy busy at the moment. Yes, I haven't had much time for writing or friends or blogging or... well, anything. But that's totally cool.

You guys, it's time to not stress the small stuff. 

This busy craze will pass; I'll get back to writing and wedding planning and all that other shiz and I'll forget about all this stress. I can't wait to get back to my characters, I'm so bloody keen, but it can't be a big hurry. 

If I have a shit day today, who cares? Tomorrow I just get to start again. And man does that make it easier to get through the day.


  1. WOW That is weird??

    But do love that quote!

    Something to definitely to live by, (being a full time stay at home mum, studying full time by correspondence - I am always on full throttle)

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. My thoughts exactly! And it's always good to realise there are people out there far busier than me! :P

  3. ahh loved that quote! I do believe in that! its so uplifting. thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by Heather x


  4. haha! I love that! It should be the tagline to my life. :)

  5. No worries LaLaine, thanks for commenting!

    And RaeLynn, since I've seen that quote, I just keep reminding myself to chill the hell out.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Wow, I'm *really* glad I saw this. I've been freaking out because I have an essay to write for Tuesday and I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to do it while trying to get some writing done. I guess all the lovely voices in my head will have to wait until Tuesday, then.

    I'm definitely going to be posting that quote somewhere I can constantly see it.

    - May :)

  8. I have always loved that quote! There is always hope in the future! I love how this quote was posted on my birthday!

  9. I really love this. And I think I love it more because it was so closely associated with an alcoholic beverage :D

    Thanks for sharing!! :D

  10. Oh goodness, Heather, I am so sorry, but I missed this COMPLETELY... and I've even more sorry, because it's awesome. I LOVE this quote.

    Carlton have EPIC advertising, but this is a whole other level. Love the simply genius :D

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