Friday, 9 November 2012

The Ally Coalition

This is my blog, and therefore I retain the right to rant.

My name is Heather Bryant. And I'm an Ally because God loves all people - not just those that slot into a conventionalised world.

I don't know how many of you guys follow politics (especially those in Australia) but while America is able to rise up and support a future of change with Obama and reject the (mostly) backwards declarations of Romney, Australia is unable to do so. Recently, the Australian senate voted on the right to same sex marriage and came back with a total of 26 in favour, 41 against.


Now, I know I'm getting into dangerous territory discussing American politics as it is only something I follow around election time but the rights of the LGBT community is something that I'm pretty outspoken on. I just can't understand how Australia's government can claim to be foreword-thinking and 'politically correct' then reject a matter as important as this in a country that has such loud support for LGTB. Mardi Gras is one of the biggest and most hotly anticipated events of the year! If we can be so intolerant of racism, how is this any different?

So I have a mission for you, dear followers. My favourite band Fun. (who I am mega excited to be seeing live in March), and the wonderful Rachel Antonoff have started The Ally Coalition. These guys have seriously been elevated to super-star level in my eyes and I would love to see you guys showing your support for such a worthy cause. Join the fight for equal rights. No human being is better than another. Like their Facebook page and get involved - make your voice heard!

And get the word out there, that's what we have these darn blogs for right? I really couldn't care less if you copied and pasted this post word for word (promise). This kind of injustice really gets to me.

Thank you to every one of you awesome bloggers who DO take up the challenge. And if you haven't heard of Fun.'s music, or seen Rachel Antonoff's brilliant designs - shame on you! You're missing out.

It will be back to regular blogging from the next post onwards.

Rant over.



    The thing that gets me is that religion or personal prejudice shouldn't be involved in politics.

    There is no legal grounds on which two people who love each other shouldn't be able to marry.Thanks for bringing the site to my attention ♥

    1. I totally know what you mean Sarah. As they put it, "this is the issue of our generation". If woman's rights were so important why is this any less of an issue? The more I look into it, and educate myself on it, the more it makes me angry.


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