Thursday 26 July 2012

Missing the blogosphere!

Well my uni holidays have now come to an end and I didn't blog even half as much as I was hoping for!


 There are a few reasons for this but I'm not going to bore you all with them. Basically I am typing this blog off my mobile so there are bound to be a million an one typos BUT I will have Internet again soon.

 The super duper awesome news is I have been reading so there are a few reviews to come. In the meantime, I miss all my lovely followers and I'd like to welcome my new ones - I'll get straight on to following back once my net is up!

 More good news that doesn't really affect you guys but is awesome just the same, is my house is settled and painted and we're all moved in. The soon-to-be hubby and I have a lovely little space of our own to be all grown up and shiz. Plus if that's not enough, the wedding is only FOUR STINKING MONTHS AWAY! Stress-central in my brain guys, but I'm pretty excited about how the day will all go down. 

And since I've been out of it for a month or so, what awesome books has everyone been reading? I'm through by TBR pile and I'm desperate for an epic new series.


*sorry to all those lovely people that had to read this as a big block o' text. My phone hates me some days. Kristen, Ravena - you guys are tops!