Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I'm gonna send my lovin' to you!

For Friday the thirteenth, I shared a little something from Corvette that I hoped was on the darker side. So, in honour of Valentine’s Day (and my official 'one month' mark), I’d like to share a little love from Jenna. Out of context of course, but hopefully you’ll enjoy :)

The hand that wasn’t propping him up reached out and stroked my face. My eyes fluttered closed at his touch as tingles flowed through me and it was then I realised I’d gone too far. I had to pull away, to get out of there, but I couldn’t. He shifted closer.
“To think you’re possibly the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen…”
My last chance. My last chance to do something, say something. My mouth opened feebly but no words came out.
His hand covered the whole side of my face as he shifted to hover above me. I saw the green in his blue eyes right before he closed them.
Then he kissed me.
    ~Christian and Jenna, Chapter eleven, Illusion of a Majesty

Feel free to leave thoughts – all are appreciated. I’ve grown a tough skin so I can handle pretty much anything.
Except, maybe, zombies.
Don’t send a horde of those after me, okay?


  1. So when is this book being published because I so want to read it!! Loved the quote. And love the Aussie style sarcastic humour :) Not enough of that around the blogosphere!

  2. Ha ha thanks :)
    Aussie-style sarcastic humour is my specialty.

    Also, no publishing contracts anytime soon :( fingers crossed for some day...


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