Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Two Months' old

My blog has officially reached the mark (yesterday, actually) and when I started out with this blog I didn't know if it would actually go anywhere. I thought it would be one of those things I would start and then let patter off into nothingness. Maybe with the occasional blog here or there because I felt guilty.

The really funny thing is though - I FREEEEKIN LOVE IT!

There are random times through the day when I actually find myself wondering what my next blog will be. Or buying books specifically to review. There are times when I REALLY want to blog but can't because of uni/work/life and those times make me sad.

In short, I love my blog. I love the people who follow me, and the comments you guys leave always light up my day. I wish I had time to make my blog look a little fancier but I'll get to it one day. For now, I focus on the words and the 'virtual friendships' I have on here.

I think one of the other reasons I love it so much is because it's another way for me to hone my writing, and I get to be me. Not a character in their story. Not someone putting on a face and being who the people around me want me to be. I don't have to be funny or professional or even appropriate. I can make up words and scribble shit and be entirely honest about anything and everything. I CAN USE CAPS LOCK FOR CHRIST'S SACK! (And who doesn't love to use caps lock?!)

And so, I just want to leave this cute picture I stumbled upon today. One, as a thanks to you awesome people who follow me, and two, because I totally think it belongs here. Lolcats + zombie reference = winning!

I do not own this image. It is borrowed. The end. Haters.

Next week, will be a Hunger Games special on the blog. Umm... surprise? A review of the three books and the movie. With maybe some other stuff thrown in. That said, BRING ON THE REAPING, KIDS!


  1. The pic of the cat is tooo cute! Totally WINNING!

  2. That picture is adorable! Looking forward to the Hunger Games special :)

    1. I think I found the pic so funny because the first thought that flashed through my mind was "Sweet. See ya!" Because I'm super sympathetic.


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