Thursday, 16 August 2012

Because even miracles take a little time...

A lot of you guys will know that I've been very busy planning a wedding that seems both so close and so far. The planning has been fun but at this point, I'm ready for it to just be over and done with already. You seriously don't realise how much effort planning a wedding is, especially when you're trying to make everyone else happy (not to mention when your family is waring). Some of you know the feeling and some of you will experience it soon - to those people, I wish you luck.

Honestly though, there are some days I wish I had done what my friend did and said STUFF IT ALL, and just... eloped.

Then there are days like today where I actually get excited again.

My wonderful bridesmaid Rebecca is more than gifted with creativity and has helped a huge amount with the planning. She designed some stuff I never would have thought of and has gone out of her way to find and make the most amazing order of services for me. I thought I would share below as I know a lot of you will appreciate the fantabulousness as well. These are just the initial rough copies but with the wax seal and right paper... yeah, they're going to be perfect.

The red wax seal will go above these little guys' heads

Inside the order of service

The wording of the invites <3

Planning a wedding can and should be fun but it's super easy to get caught up in the stress. It's these little details that remind me the wedding is about ME and THE BOY - no one else. Because I know some people will see these as 'gimmicky' or 'immature' but I'm not doing it for those people. I'm doing it for me. 

And I love them. 


  1. Oooh, those are so much fun and so lovely! All the best weddings that I've ever been to or been told about are the ones that suit the two most important people at them. After all, like you point out, it's supposed to be YOUR DAY.
    And that font looks gorgeous.

  2. Heather, the order of services are AMAZING! &HEARTS;

    "You seriously don't realise how much effort planning a wedding is, especially when you're trying to make everyone else happy (not to mention when your family is waring)."

    UGH. THIS IS SO TRUE. People don't realise how much pressure they put on you to make 'your' special day precisely as perfect as they imagine. And half the time it's with the best of bloody intentions, BUT.

    Why is it important to have a second cousin you haven't seen in twenty years at YOUR wedding? Nick (my husband) was like 'just don't invite them!' but then you have to deal with the dissaproving or dissapointed parents, or hurt feelings from distant relatives and *STRESSSSSSS*

    Ending rant now, promise ;D
    There is SO much pressure to balance out what YOU want, and what everyone else wants, and it really should be about you. At the end of the day, no matter how much drama there is the lead up, make sure you take time on the day to enjoy yourself, and your day. Spend time with your husband, not with an army of well wishers--make it magic, whatever magic is for you.

    AND GOOD LUCK! *hugs*

  3. Thanks so much girls!

    Yes, I totally agree about those dang second cousins, three times removed. Or that person you knew when you were three. And then when you say you want to invite friends people urge you against it. You might not know them in a few years/they won't give as much money/family should come first.

    GAH! Screw it all. At least some people get it.

    *hugs* right back!

    1. Now that is ridiculous--people urging you against inviting friends. Honestly, more of my friends are a part of my life than the family at my wedding seven years ago. There are FAMILY, or, of course, family friends--who are somehow exempt according to those who'd advise you--who I haven't SEEN since our wedding.

      Invite who YOU want to celebrate with. The people YOU want to dance and laugh and cry with. The people who make you laugh and smile and feel alive. Screw the distant cousins. It's YOUR day. Don't let someone else, regardless of how well intentioned they are, take that away from you. Believe me, even if you drift away from those friends, it's not them you'll regret inviting in seven years time, or having in the photos. You'll just remember your time with them fondly, as opposed to the strained conversation and politeness you had to maintain with your great Aunty's sister-in-law, or your fourth cousin.

      Anyway, I'm sounding just as terrible and bossy, but Heather, I hope you have a wonderful WONDERFUL day. Remember the day's about you and your fiance, and celebrating what YOU have together, not the people around you ♥

    2. Hi...beautiful invitations! I think you should have the freedom to choose on YOUR day who YOU want at the wedding. Anyone that isn't mature enough to deal with YOUR decision should stay home..

      Just hopping over from GUTGAA and visiting some blogs before the fun begins...nice to meet have a lovely blog!

      Donna L Martin


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