Sunday, 12 August 2012

Blogspiration (13): PARIS!

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Check out these gal's awesomeness:

WOO! I'm Back! I have the internet, I have photoshop, and I'm actually required to MAKE A BLOG and learn the boring stuff about it for uni! Yay!

Hence, the new look. FINALLY. My blog actually looks kind of professional until you get to, you know, the actual blog.

Anywho! First blog back and what better way to kick start than a BLOGSPIRATION!

So personally, things haven't been the greatest at the moment. Sicknesses in the family, totally FULL ON at work, and even though I'm only taking two uni classes they are already intense. Not to mention I feel SO behind on this wedding planning stuff. But there have been good things too. The Boy and I have our own house that is all pretty and painted and decorated. We both have awesome families that are helping us out with the finances, I'm actually enjoying uni, I have an amazing wedding dress and friends, AND once the wedding is over; I GET TO PLAN MY EUROPEAN HONEYMOON!

And that's what's keeping me going, what's keeping me looking forward. 


My dream hotel, 'The Crillon'. If you haven't memorised the rooms in this baby, you NEED TO NOW. Seriously, this hotel is defined as 'Supreme Luxury'. And die.

Le sigh. Arc du Triomphe is just so pretty! If only I could speak French, I'd be all over this bad boy.

And of course, this will be The Boy and I. Being all cute and romantic and just having SO MUCH FUN.  

So even though the HM is still a while away, I can't help the daydreaming. It gets me through the day, the stress, and puts a great big smile on my face. I'm also hoping to head to the Greek Islands and Spain which I'm sure will be amazing but Paris has always been the place for me. And since I've finished Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (thank you to everyone who recommended that book) my obsession with The City of Lights has exploded to a whole other level.

How about you guys? Is there someone in the world that you imagine when things get rough?


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful honeymoon. How exciting for you! Anyway great post! One day I must get to Paris . . . one day!

  2. Paris! That's sooo exciting! And you know, Greek islands and Spain are also pretty cool, but PARIS!
    I tend to chant the "This too shall pass" mantra when life gets sucky. And retreat even further into daydreams and books, which isn't always particularly helpful, or I sleep a lot, which is even less helpful. At the moment, I'm channeling my enthusiasm towards hopefully going back over to Uganda next year for another short stint as a volunteer, and hoping that thoughts of that will get me through the last three months of uni.

  3. Volunteering in Uganda sounds amazing! I've always wanted to do that but never given myself the time!
    Trust me when I say that after my honeymoon this site is going to be flooded with Paris pics

  4. First off, I am loving your new header!! LOVE.

    OMG!!! I am so excited for you to travel all over Europe. Paris is beautiful in pictures but it's MAGICAL in real life. It's going to be such a wonderful trip! Especially because you'll be sharing it with your new hubby!!

    Eeeep! So excited!!


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