Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Oh, the cleverness of you...

This post is a little one to pay dedication to some of my favourite books ever. A little ode to the author, if you will. I read a lot (not as much as some of you) and I guess I just wanted to go back over some of those books that have stuck with me no matter how many others I read. And I'm procrastinating, but let's not dwell on that. 
It's these clever authors that really inspire me to write more.

First up, and I think it goes without saying, would have to be Harry Potter: 
None in particular because it's impossible to chose between them. I grew up with these books, right from when I was eleven and desperately awaiting my Hogwarts letter too. It gave me my first real dose of disappointment. It showed me that it really is possible to fall in love with completely fictional characters and when something bad happens to them, it feels like it's happened to you too. There will never be enough words, memes, or movies that could possibly explain the amount of love these books gave me. 

My next favourite series would be by the fabulous Richelle Mead. Really, anything of hers is absolutely amazing but you can't get past the love between Rose and Dimitri.

I just... can't even. This series is heartbreaking, full of love and REAL. The chemistry, the adventure, the plot twists, and the nail-biting resolution. Amazing. If I had to chose a favourite out of the series I'd say by the tiniest fraction of an inch, it would be Frostbite. ALL of the books Mead writes are amazing but there was just something about that one that makes me remember...

A new favourite of mine is by the fabulous Marissa Meyer. I seriously thought there was no bloody way I would even like this book but it hooked me in.

Even the cover is awesome-sauce. There is so little I can say that can do Meyer credit but here is my review. The two words that take this book from friend-zone to pure love are Cinder and Kai. They even give Rose and Dimitri a run for their money. But with all the scorching romance and tension, there is an actual storyline with some delicious secondary characters  as well.

The second last book I'm going to mention is only the second book I've given 5/5 to. 

It seriously blew me away that I could love this book so much. I mean, the storyline was just so cliched, and THE COVER, blah. But it soon became clear that the characters were so damn real, and the love triangle so not obvious. Full review is here but pretty much all you need to know is that the second book isn't out for over a year so read with caution.

The last I'd like to mention is a form of insta-love that just worked. 

It was short, it was sweet, and I finished it in one sitting. I loved that it was a stand alone, and I loved that even though I don't remember the exact specifics, I remember the warm, fuzzy, love that flowed through me when I was done. The cover was my screensaver forever just so whenever I saw it, it would make me smile. 

Well that's the list off the top of my head. Just a little post to share some of my love for these titles around. If you haven't read any of them yet - what are you waiting for? I am pretty confident you won't regret it. 

So what are some of your favourites? I am always looking out for some awesome new titles and authors that I haven't stumbled on yet. 

And if you guys have time, you totally should try a post like this. It's crazy how the feelings you had when you read a book come back to you when you start thinking about it. If you already have a post like this, leave a link so I can check it out!

Lastly, any titles I left out that I totally shouldn't have?


  1. Haha I waited for my Hogwarts letter too! I was convinced that I was magic.

  2. Ooo, some good ones to add to my TBR list! Thanks for these. One of my favorite books ever is Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. LOVE!

  3. I've actually been meaning to read that one Kelley but for some reason it keeps skipping down my TBR pile. I may need to push it back to the top!

    And I know what you mean Ravena! It's like, just because I haven't proved I'm magic doesn't mean I'm not :(


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