Saturday, 8 September 2012

GUTGAA: Pitch Polish FTW

If you haven't already heard about Gearing up to get an Agent you've missed a whole week of a seriously amazing blog hop! 

First, was the meet and greet where I got to catch up with a bunch of new bloggers who are all typing their butts off with the hope to get something on a shelf one day.

Then there was the critique and BETA sign up where I may have a lovely critique partner should we like each other's work. Her fantastic blog can be found here.

Next week is the official pitch contest and to get us ready, today was the submissions for the Great Pitch Polish.

If you haven't joined this hop yet - it's not too late. Check it out here.

Deana opened her email to 100 hopefuls that offered their queries up for slaughter. Despite the opening time being 1am here, I was one of the lucky people that, come Monday, will hopefully get some of you awesome people to help out with my query.

First, my query is far from perfect. In fact, I've only been over it a couple of times, and second, it doesn't follow the traditional format for a query.

I've been writing with the intent to publish for five years now and while I realise that it's not that long really, I feel like I've been through this query thing a thousand times over. It's exhausting. I'm not going to lie when I say I can't wait for some other people to have a go at giving my query direction.

In the meantime, if any of you guys have your queries up early, post a link in my comments below. I've gotten around to a few already, but I'd really like to help out my followers first, and then the other cool GUTGAA members after that. Plus I have the aim to try and get through all of the other 99 entries.

It's going to be a busy week, but thank you in advance to anyone who helps out with my query (not that you'll know which one it is unless you do some digging :P).

I'm also thinking about making a 'cheerleader' section on my sidebar. For all those queries that really suck me in, the ones I really want published. I'm all about supporting writers so I thought that might be a nice way to give a little praise BUT I just don't know. Anyone else tried something like that?


  1. Hi Heather! Thanks for checking out my pitch and I lovyourcheering section idea. Congrats on being one of the 100! I am looking forward to reading through those pitches next week. Best of luck to you.

  2. Thank you so much for cheer-leading me, I'm honoured! Make sure you tweet me the link to your query or even comment on my blog so I can check it out. And P.S. - there's no way you're from Newcastle. Did you see my twitter profile? Look again. :P

    1. That is a crazy coincidence. Newcastle is so little - no one lives here! And of course I'm cheering for you - no need to thank me, your query was awesome! I just wanted to make a way for unpublished authors to get a little recognition too. :)

  3. Funny... for some reason I always thought you were from Australia. Urgh, I know what you mean about queries. They're SO important in the writing industry and WHAT DO YOU KNOW? I suck at them! Good luck with it!

    1. Ha ha Ravena, I AM from Australia. Newcastle, Australia. And I know what you mean about ultimate query-suck because I'm SUPER good at that...

      And thanks for the luck... I'm going to need it.

  4. Cool idea on the cheering section! Lauren Spieller is my crit partner, so YAY Lauren! I'm looking forward to reading all the pitches, but I visited/critiqued almost every query on the Pitch Polish blog hop, so my brain is way too fried right now to even look at another one. haha.

    Good luck with yours. I have my query up on my blog, but I've actually gotten a ton of help with it. I need something else, if you wouldn't mind? I have three titles up on my blog, and I'm trying to pick which one is best.

    The query is on the post below them if you want to know what the book is about. I really want to start querying, especially now that I think I finally have a solid query, but it's kinda hard to do that without a title. haha. Anyway, if you could give me your opinion, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Hey Tamara, thanks so much for stopping by! I'll head on over and check out your titles now. I've noticed you've been crazy-busy this last week - I've seen you everywhere. It's super nice of you to help everyone out.

      My query went up yesterday with the other 100+ that Deana put on her blog. Fingers crossed I get some good solid shreddings to help mine get to a good level too.

      Good luck with querying!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you! Check out my blog for the questionaire.

  6. Hello and nice to meet you. I thought I'd say that before I commented on how much I dislike queries, too. Maybe it I psyched myself into thinking how much I loved them, I might would do better with them. I don't know, what do you think? hehe!

    Best wishes during GUTGAA. I wish I had made into the pitch polish, but alas, mine sands cold and alone over at my blog:)



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