Thursday, 27 September 2012

I'll be there for you...

I was watching Friends the other day and it suddenly occurred to me exactly how much I wanted to jump in a fountain and dance around with friends of my own. I knew who, I knew which fountain, and I knew the people I wanted to do it with me.

I could see it exactly.

I love Friends like nothing else. The characters are so relatable, the story lines are so intricate and plausible, and there are ongoing jokes woven throughout that give me stitches in my side. The episode I saw the other night was so incredible I just had to share it. The entire episode took place in Monica's apartment and each character had a conflict all their own.

Ross was counting the minutes they had until it was time to leave for his benefit dinner and was hopelessly trying to get everyone ready.

Rachel didn't know what to wear.

Chandler wanted Joey out of his chair, and Joey didn't want to 'lose'.

Phoebe WAS ready until Joey got hummus all over her dress.

Monica beeped into her ex boyfriends answering machine and heard a message from a mystery woman.

Each of these story lines, while simple, were woven so seamlessly together and each character was involved in either helping or hindering another.

This is the kind of thing I try to apply to my writing. The characters should all lend their support to each other, and each conflict should consume the characters in a real, non melodramatic way. And the most important thing, it should never get boring.

Is there a perfect example you can think of? Or has there been a time (either book or movie) that you've experienced and seen yourself doing that exact event? (Like the crazy fountain-rain-dance)

Second point of business is the GUTGAA small press contest opens tomorrow night. I'm super keen to enter but there's a high chance I'll miss out again. We'll see. In preparation though, anyone who could jump back to here and take a look at my pitch would be an absolute gem. If you have a pitch as well, I'd be only too happy to 'be there for you' too.


  1. I've just finished watching the 8th season. I'm not in love with the show, but it is great entertainment. What always gets me is how jealous I get watching those guys have their own place and I keep thinking OMG I WANT MY OWN PLACE!

    I was talking to Sarah (Saz101) the other day about Friends. My favourite moment is from when Phoebe was pregnant, and Joey said he'd give up meat so that she could eat it while she was pregnant. :)

    1. I'm through to the final season on my re-watch but it's ALWAYS on foxtel and I've been watching some old ones too. And I still can't believe a bunch of kids I've in such AWESOME apartments. I want to live in New York :(

  2. I know exactly which episode you're talking about :D It's so entertaining and it's really good about tying everyone's story together. I definitely admire that. As for my favorite Friends moment...


  3. ^ He drew a diagram! :P

    I love Friends so much! There are just way too many great moments... Phoebe's kooky songs (who can forget Smelly Cat? and her Christmas one is in my head right now)... the flashback episodes were kickers. I really like the episode where Chandler tells Joey that he kissed Joey's girlfriend at the time and then he has to spend Thanksgiving in the box. I can't choose my favourite moment but that's one of the tops in terms of friendship dynamics.

    1. I love the one where she gets 'smelly cat' recorded and they do a total voice over. She's too funny.

      And yeah I seriously didn't get the 'Kathy' obsession. She was weird. lol

  4. I LOVE FRIENDS. I've seen every episode, especially since all three of my daughters went through phases of being obsessed with the show.

    Long after it was over, it was still playing at my house. My fourteen yr. old still watches it all the time.

    I have my fingers crossed that you get into the Small Press contest. I didnt' get a single comment in the agent contest, even though I made it through to the final fifty. I know people say not to be let down, but it was pretty hard not to get bummed. I am giving the small Press Pitch a shot and hoping I have better luck with that.

    I truly hope it works out for you. I have my fingers crossed! :)

    1. I may or may not have been stalking your entry and honestly, I was pretty bummed out for you! I was so sure you'd get one request at the very least. Damn writing is a tough business!

      Take today to be bummed and tomorrow come back with fervour! Let's both make it into the small press contest and score ourselves a lovely, homely, small press. :)

  5. Hey!!! I'm checking to see if you made it in?????????

    1. No!!! Wah! Fourth time lucky later on I guess? It's two am here and I have to be up in four hours to submit again. *sigh*

      Please tell me you at least got through?

    2. What about it this time? Tell me yes! PLEEEEEEAASSSSEEE tell me yes????

    3. I sure did! Yay! Hopefully we'll both kick arse :P

    4. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


      I guess I'm silly!!!!!

      But anyway, I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Uh, and ME!!!!!!! I made it, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. I'm silly happy for us too! You'll have to let me know which site you make it onto :)

  6. Hi, Heather:

    Thank you for following my blog. I am now following yours and am proud to say I am your 100th follower. :-) Woohoo! (Confetti pop.)

    Regarding this post, I know what you mean about episodes of Friends flowing seamlessly. The writing had a freshness to it, and the cast had a palpable rapport, both of which came together to create highly enjoyable episodes.

    As for me, I love shows with strong, romantic bonds between two people in love. I'm a hopeless romantic and think each half of a couple should put the other first, so I get lost in good, romantic writing. Sigh...

    Although I can also appreciate a well-written villain in an action piece! ;-)

    Nice to meet you, and I look forward to getting to know you better. Good luck with your writing and all of your endeavors.


    1. Thanks for following! I too am a simultaneous lover of romance and villains (Cinder anyone?). They're always such a good mix.

      And thanks for the luck - that's so kind of you!

  7. friends was a perfect blend of characters and situations and fashion and timing...shows like that come along few and far between, once a decade? and good luck w/gutgaa, did you make it in?

    1. I know! I'd have to say How I Met Your Mother is the modern equivalent of Friends and although it rocks, there's just something missing. And yes I made it into the first round of the small press. I'm pretty sure I won't move on but if I get some good feedback it will all be well worth it :)


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