Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Follow-Swap Blog HOP!

There once was a little blog.
That little blog had a heap of friends but no one wanted to talk to her.
She wasn't the type of blog to get food stuck in her teeth during dinner.
She wasn't the type of blog to make plans and cancel at the last minute.
She was just a nice, little, blog.
Who had no real friends.

Do you ever get that feeling? I know I do. I know that no matter how fun or entertaining or crazy I make my blog there's always someone out there doing better. Well. It's time for your little blog to step up from the sandbox and make some real friends. It's time to connect with the people you follow and get rid of the whole 'follow-back-for-the-sake-of-it' mentality. How often do you scroll through your reading list with frustration at the lack of anything interesting? If the answer is often, this blog hop is for you.

Launching Saturday (US time), the wonderful Katherine Amabel is starting her blog hop. This will be your chance to put your best blog forward in order to gain followers who actually have an interest in what you do. It will also be your chance to follow some people whose work you actually want to read.

We want the word to spread, and if you know there's someone out there that hasn't heard about it already, reblog and share the fun! She has a badge, she has a linky list, now all she needs is you, dear friends. The people are what make it worthwhile.

Read more about the awesomeness at Beyond The Hourglass Bridge.

And get amongst it!


  1. Haha get amongst it - my dad says that and thinks he's hip. Thanks for blogging the contest!

    1. If he says that, he totally is. But then I always did get along better with the oldies.

  2. lol. Oh, and it starts on Saturday, US time. :)

    1. Fixed. ha ha. Don't know where I got Monday from...

  3. I'm heading over now! I hope t learn some great blogging tips! See you there:)

  4. What a great promo! I'm doing the blog-hop at the moment - and am really enjoying checking out new blogs. Have fun and I hope your blog makes lots of lovely new friends!

  5. Popping in from the blog hop - tickled to find your blog!


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